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twidget 08-27-2015 01:55 PM

Horizon Hobby Sportsman S+
I just bought a Horizon Hobby Sportsman S+ :) and plan to be out at the field Saturday afternoon if anyone else is out there and would be willing to assist me with a maiden and some newbie training on fixed wings I would appreciate it.


Jagsbeach 09-01-2015 04:29 PM

Congrats looks like it lands itself.
Hi Brian,

Sunday 10a is club meeting. Would be many more people. The earlier the better on Saturday too.

I'll help how I can. Look for the only person with a Tactic radio.

twidget 09-02-2015 10:12 AM

I was there last weekend on Saturday Afternoon. There were a couple members there, and left shortly after I arrived.

I made a newbie error in pre-flight and believe my rudder and aileron trims were all the way left. On taxi out and takeoff I had a pull to the left and making my first circuit I believe I tip stalled (throttle to low and altitude to low as well).

slight crash and some wing damage resulted. The trims were so far out that the SAFE system would not correct it either. and I got nervous.

I think the next time, I will have a skilled pilot maiden her and try and get someone to be there for sure.

Technology albeit great, can not be replaced by a good Human trainer.

I will not be at the field this weekend as we are heading out for the holiday.

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